Watts (chipotle) wrote,


...and today is, of course, the first day in the hosting service's history where they've apparently had some kind of major failure at the data center. Textdrive has their servers at The Planet, a hosting center in Dallas. The Planet has a 100% uptime SLA -- not 99%, not 99.999%, but actually 100% in the SLA -- and it appears they've been down for at least three hours now.

This makes me very, very, VERY unhappy right now. I know I'm not alone in being stressed out, given that there's probably thousands of sites of down thanks to this. But somehow that doesn't really make me feel better.

I'm glad I didn't announce it anywhere else.

I'm really hoping that whatever's wrong doesn't involve data loss, because if it does, I could be really, really screwed. I hadn't had time to export the database yet. (Textdrive does automatic backups, but I don't know how real-time they are.)

I'm going to go make a big pot of coffee and pour it over my head.

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