Watts (chipotle) wrote,

Claw & Quill

How did you spend your weekend?

  • Write 3 plugins in PHP for Textpattern
  • Discover 2 bugs in Textpattern
  • Fix the easy bug
  • Find stupid workaround for other bug
  • Realize that while I said illustrations could be 600 pixels wide, the way I’ve written the style sheets makes ones longer than the fixed-width text box jut out to the right
  • Fix the style sheets in a way that makes the illustrations work and breaks everything else
  • Fix style sheets in better way
  • Chew on leg
  • Add things to the style sheets like epigraphs, multi-level subheadings, “about the author” blocks, information/image blocks for reviews, etc.
  • Write three or four pages of missing content
  • Decide I need to have a nonfiction article so the section isn’t empty, pull out my kitsune article that appeared in “Fuzzy Logic” years ago
  • Hope nobody notices that using my article violates my own writers’ guidelines, prepare I’m the editor neener neener defense in case I’m called on it
  • Chew off leg
  • Remove the rewrite rules that block off the site, or in non-webgeek terms: press the big red button

As of about 15 minutes ago, Claw & Quill is live. I haven’t announced it anywhere else yet—consider this a “soft opening” for you folks to look at and give me feedback on, to find the inevitable broken things.

Now, time to get ready for bed.


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