Watts (chipotle) wrote,

Yes, it's a quick post from the con itself. I'm actually connecting in the "internet room" but using Peroxide. Not that the machines they have here are bad--they actually have color X terminals connecting to a pretty hefty NetBSD server.

The trip out here was very... draining. Coffee spilled on my carry-on bag during the security check at Tampa (my fault); the plane from Albuquerque to Los Angeles was late--Los Angeles, you ask? Yes, after switching planes, the second flight had a stop in LA before hitting San Jose. And, the shuttle driver who drove me from the San Jose airport to the con hotel in San Mateo drove off with my change. I was not a happy camper Wednesday.

But, yesterday things were reasonably nice, ending with a dinner you can't easily get in Tampa Bay: Chinese food that's both inexpensive and good. (There's a hole in the wall place near me in Tampa which comes close: their motto could be "unimaginative Chinese done right." Beyond that there's Forbidden City in Clearwater, which is good but definitely not in the under-$10 category.) The con didn't really start until today, despite FC's claims of being a four-day convention.

Today I've cruised the dealer room a few times but haven't bought anything, yet. I've met a lot of old friends and acquaintances, and will presumably be going out to dinner with two of them tonight (lothie and rancourt). The "presuming" expands to "presuming I find them or remember their room number."

And, I've done a preliminary scene outline for In Our Image and a little editing work on the rough draft of the first few chapters. Tonight I may see if I can finish Chapter 3, and then decide if Chapter 2 really needs to be broken up into Chapters 2 and 3 with Chapter 3 becoming Chapter 4. (It makes sense, really. Chapter 2 is the information dump chapter, although hopefully it's done cleverly enough not to slow the story down.)

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