Watts (chipotle) wrote,

No, I'm not just waking up

...although I still hit the alarm clock "snooze" button for, ahem, at least an hour. In my defense, the cats were being particularly noisy this morning, and I didn't manage to fall asleep until fairly late.

I did get the two "checks" I can send out via PayPal sent out, and will be getting the other physical checks sent out later today. That takes care of the already-accepted pieces. Then comes the backlog. I've also committed a small atrocity in Perl for use in Nisus Writer Express which starts the conversion of any file it can open (RTF and Word, most notably) to Markdown syntax, which is what I actually need. My "preferred text format" of ASCII with blank lines separating paragraphs and _underline brackets for emphasis_ is Markdown. Coyotes are sneaky that way.

(And, yes, Nisus Writer Express lets you use Perl to write macros. How cool is that?)
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