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Well. This weekend was supposed to be my "get things done" weekend, and while I did get things done, they weren't actually the things I was planning on doing. So. Um.

There's a reasonably-sized crowd of cool people over at the house, and I disappeared into my room (although with the door open, so as not to be a complete hermit) about a half-hour ago. Most of the group's watching Amélie right now, which is cool but something I've already seen--and I think I might want to get ready for bed, and get to sleep disturbingly soon.

Tomorrow morning, maybe I can manage to (gasp!) get up and immediately get going on the paychecks that I need to write, and clear out the [insert many colorful expletives] submission backlog. (Then, beat myself into making sure that I set aside a specific day every week to clear said backlog so the turnaround time stays reasonable.)

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