Watts (chipotle) wrote,

Off to Further Confusion. Nearly so, at least. Whether or not there are any updates between now and next Tuesday or so depend on whether or not the hotel has high-speed internet access in their rooms.

A pleasant unexpected gift arrived in the mail. Sometime last year, I learned that the songwriters behind a short-lived group I liked a great deal, October Project, were trying to put together a new album with new musicians. And, they were financing it through their own money and through contributions of sufficiently devoted fans. I ordered the demo CD they'd already done as "November Project" and sent them a donation above that.

Then, as one would predict, the new group broke up, too. They've hooked up with another group of people and are still trying to do a short new full studio CD. But, apparently, in the interim they'd co-written songs with a new musician named Sylvia Tosun--and they decided to send "angels" such as myself a copy of Ms. Tosun's CD.

It's quite impressive from what I've heard so far. Unfortunately it's making me unpack just enough to get Peroxide out and capture the CD in iTunes.

Anyway, I'm taking it as a good omen for the trip.

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