Watts (chipotle) wrote,

The sun has gone. It must be brought. You have a rock.

queenofstripes, I don't know if you play Infocom-style text adventures, but somehow the game "For a Change" reminds me of you.

The sun has gone. It must be brought. You have a rock.

For A Change
Release 1 / Serial number 990930 / Inform v6.21 Library 6/9

Under the High Wall (on the resting)
Sweetness fills the shade of the High Wall to your east. Under this sweetness lies a small expanse of fod. A mobile releases mildly to the west; far in that direction a tower proudly plants itself, while the ground rises more slowly to the south and relaxes to the north.

Spread on the resting is a guidebook.

Sleep gradually departs from your eyes. A small stone has been insinuated into your hand.

>examine guidebook
This tattered book describes itself quietly but firmly as an indispensable guide to the plain.

>read guidebook
The guidebook inflates itself with numerous definitions.

>get book

>examine stone
It is a small smooth stone, the size of a small gland, a size to roll between your fingertips, nothing more than a pebble.

The resting sighs at your departure.

That direction of motion will not exist while the High Wall reigns.

>examine wall
The High Wall looms above the shade, creating it. Its stones hold each other the entire distance. This distance is potentially, but unprovably, finite. A High Wall is not high to be measured in units of length, but of angle.


In the Shade
The land increases towards your head to the south, and decreases away from your feet to the north. Mobiles lead accordingly in both directions. The High Wall may also be approached to the east. A long walk to the west is a tower, dwarfing your form, and dwarfed in turn by the wall.

It is clear, after a time, that all things are shaded, everywhere. Thus the Wall.

Inscribed on the brown grass is a toolman.

>examine toolman
The toolman is bright and misty. Thoughts and uses hang from his shoulders like birds.

In hand:
  a guidebook (loquacious and proud)
  a small stone (humble and true)

I have absolutely no fucking clue what's going on in this game, but the language alone is keeping me fascinated.

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