Watts (chipotle) wrote,

When I woke up, I risked trying the in-room coffee maker. These usually make dreadful brews which taste mostly of lime rock; this one produced something drinkable. Not good, really, but not bad.

Just about on the dot of 10am, shaterri arrived and we headed on into Portland itself, parking somewhere off 23rd and walking to Café Cameo for breakfast. Shaterri had their "quarter-acre" pancake--just one, bigger than a plate.

From there, it was mostly wandering about that neighborhood, into several odd little stores--the most unusual one being "Moonstruck Chocolate Café," which I can only describe as being like a coffee shop for chocolate lovers: instead of a menu of espresso drinks, it was a menu of chocolate drinks, and a display of chocolate truffles and candies rather than pastries and breads.

After that, it was on toward Powell's Books, the largest new-and-used bookstore in the country. This is the store I chose to "affiliate" Claw & Quill with (that is, reviews will be linked there, not to Amazon); I'd forgotten the real store was here in Portland until I was driving up the road yesterday. This is the sort of bookstore you can spend a few hours in and still only get to a small part of. I ended up with--well, more books than I should have.

Shaterri dropped me off at the hotel around four, and he headed back north while I headed--to the room, to fulfill a promise to be online for four hours or so. Yeah yeah yeah. I admit, I was strongly tempted to go back to Powell's or some other place with free wi-fi, but I didn't.

Then it was back out to downtown to visit the New Old Lompoc Brewery & Pub for dinner. I knew I had to give a brewpub here a try, given the place's reputation as a beer mecca, and it didn't disappoint--a great stout and a pretty good jerk pork dinner. (And nothing on the menu over $9!) I have a couple candidates to try tomorrow.

A destination tomorrow will be Stumptown Coffee Roasters, which apparently has a reputation as being one of the best coffee places in the country. While I'm facetiously thinking of it as a main destination, it isn't, really--I have more of Portland itself to see, possibly on a walking tour thanks to a map I picked up at Powell's. I intend to get to the coast, but I may let that lapse until Friday, and just try to get up bright and early then. Coming back down on 101 would put me back home at an insanely late time Friday night, I suspect, though.

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