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I think the interview went well. Generally relaxed, despite this being, I think, the only time I've worn a tie since I've been living in California.

* * *

I'm actually heading off on the Portland trip tomorrow. No idea what I'll be doing when I get there. Those who need to get in touch with me, well, you can probably figure out how. (AIM, SMS, whatever, and actually I expect to be online a fair amount -- this may be a working vacation of sorts.)

* * *

I've just read a story on the Transformation Story Archive list, and it had a problem, of sorts, that reminded me of a problem that a couple of the stories submitted to me both recently and over the years have had. (Lest anyone on my LJ friends list think I'm talking about them: no, I'm not. I promise.) The problem is extreme heavy-handedness. This is something I've long thought of as "The Technicolor Troll Problem," after a character on some afternoon cartoon show -- either "He-Man" or "She-Ra," I think -- who was a little rainbow-colored troll who'd come on right before the end credits and effectively say, "Okay, kids, in case you didn't get the message of today's episode, let me spell it out for you!"

I was considering posting this URL as a comment to the TSA story, but I won't. I'm a good coyote, mostly.

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