Watts (chipotle) wrote,

I'm preparing for the trip to Further Confusion. To fly out at 7:25, I have to get to the airport at 5:25 now, and it's about a 35-minute drive to the airport. Giving myself a half-hour to wake up and get ready to go, going over the 'do I have everything' list one more time, and I'll be getting up at 4:20.

I'm about ready to go to sleep right now.

Well, I got through the weekend at work. Today will be my ninth straight day at the office. I can only complain so much, of course; it'll be a co-worker's twenty-third straight day at the office, and she's not going on vacation tomorrow.

I've also finished the 'storyweaving' exercises in Dramatica. Not in the detail I probably should have, but, hey--I don't think I'm ready to actually write a complete story treatment in Dramatica. What have I gotten out of this? Over thirty pages of notes on character, plot and theme, hopefully all "dramatically sound." When I'm actually at the con I'm going to be going back to the draft I've been working on, and seeing if I can start arranging chapter/scenes in an outline. (Actually, I've already started on that, since I've started on a draft, but I haven't gotten too far in it.)

Granted, mostly what I'm going to be trying to do at the con is rejuvenate, hooking up with friends and creative types. My mini-vacation at the start of the month went a long way toward helping me relax, although not too surprisingly this last weekend strained things. It was a beautiful weekend, albeit ten degrees warmer than it should be, and I missed it--and now the weather's remaining warm but just being cloudy and humid. The weather in San Mateo this weekend is, on last checked, predicted to be cloudy as well. Here's hoping for inaccurate forecasts.

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