Watts (chipotle) wrote,

Live, or at least undead

The website, that is: http://www.clawandquill.net

Right now it should redirect you to a "coming soon" page with (reasonably) complete information.

I've begun the process of adding all the stuff to the design that needs to be there now that, uh, the design is finished. Right! This is adding in the placeholders for sponsor lines, advertisements, etc., and a couple navigation elements that should be there but aren't. (Mostly rethinking what I have currently.) I need to come up with a way to make the sponsors/ad links and the like more dynamic, but I suspect I can find ways to beat them into shape. Just more (sob) work. I enjoy this stuff, but this is the biggest personal web project I've gotten myself into by a substantial amount.

But at this point, it is (I think) possible to actually start advertising this. Readers are free -- nay, encouraged -- to give comments on any of the numbers, or the general wording of the "flyer" page.

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